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Typical Utility Scale Storage Unit
GeoBATTERY makes Large Utility Scale Fixed Storage systems from
250 KWH to over 100 MWH.


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GeoBattery is an R&D, and commercialization company for bulk grid energy storage technologies and systems. Our product's will boost the world's grid as a more stable and robust energy delivery source via storage. Using known chemistry, nanotechnology and new hybrid power electronics, GeoBattery is at the forefront of research, software controls, packaging & manufacturing methods that are making bulk energy or grid electric storage a truly revolutionary solution today.

We place an emphasis on "smart" storage systems and the middleware in the ESI or electric storage interface. This critical ESI bridge between any physical storage and the grid itself is where applications are defined and controlled. Our products connect all energy modalities to the grid, including CAES {compressed air}, chemical storage, flow batteries, fuel cells, pumped hydro and future energy storage methods.

GeoBATTERY also builds and packages Lithium Iron Phosphate, AGM and LA chemical battery storage systems in advanced outdoor NEMA 4X class cabinets that assure non-stop operation in the utility plant.

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